Offical Distributor

We wish all the problems could be solved at a desk.

Every area of life is special, every area is worthy of respect.
Priority for us; to the effort put forth by each individual who uses these areas while adding value to life.
to support through the products we have created with scientific and creative thinking.

Who is Doxa?

Doxa; Mathematics is art.
Doxa; It changes and develops in all areas of life.
It is in life.
Sometimes it is the individual, sometimes the community.

Doxa, which is one of the main brands of Çanakcılar Group of Companies that has been operating in different sectors for more than half a century, is a leading brand that stands out with the understanding of trust and quality in the office furniture sector and produces with the principle of respect for nature and living things. 80 thousand square meters of production facilities in Devrek Zonguldak, Turkey offers office furniture solutions to the world’s 25 countries.


The Real That Looks Like a Dream

For us, every area is special and deserves respect. Creative solutions in all areas of the life.

Our dream; partnership with our design partner

in philosophy, our partner’s dream; scientific and creative thinking
with, too perfect to be true, too perfect to be true
It’s so beautiful to build.