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Our group of companies has started its business activities with international project finance management operations in 1996.


Structuring and development of projects; legal, financial, fiscal, technical, business administration, marketing, public relations; shareholding structures; mergers; acquisitions and fund management projects have been and are being realized, supervised and managed in international standards.  Such and similar other initiatives have been turned into projects of high return on investment through production of integrated and strategic decisions from a single centre.  


First, all over Turkey, shopping centres, five-star hotels, congress and exhibition centres, and transportation, infrastructure and industrial production projects of a great size have been developed, and investment finances have been provided from abroad


Besides the project development and financing activities, project management activities have been continued for development, realization and operation of complex investment projects comprised of organized retail and business centres, hotels and residences.


Included among these projects are the projects of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Glass Pyramid Congress and Exhibition Centre, Konyaaltı Transportation and Infrastructure, Antalya 5M, Migros Ankara 5M AnkaMall, Sheraton Çeşme, RadisonBlu Pera, Creavit Ceramics, Doxa Furniture, Crowne Plaza Ankara, Anatolian Houses Göreme, Suryapı projects, and Faras Construction and similar other organizations, covering investment and operational projects of more than 2 million square meters and financing of 1.7 billion USD in total. 


These project finance and management activities have been further developed and internationalized through business operations started in various different European and Asian countries, by means of business partnerships, and international finance, investment, automotive, industry, technology and retail projects and joint ventures. 



Included among our ongoing project development activities are Biovadi coal and renewable energy project management from forest wastes, Tavuk Dünyası – Gagawa restaurant investment projects in Middle Asian Countries and The Balkans, Faras Construction business centres and residence projects management, Suryapı projects development works, Doxa Furniture and Creavit Middle Asia expansion projects, and Migros Turkey investment and local store investment projects ongoing since long years, as well as various shopping centres, logistic storage investment and project development activities successfully conducted and continued in various different cities. 

In 2019, we have also entered into Electrical Automotive sector. We, as EXPOb2b Group, have signed a distributorship agreement with Ziehl-Abegg Automotive GmbH for management of sales, service, spare parts and conversion projects in Turkey, Bulgaria, Northern Macedonia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. These activities also include the market development activities and operations in the Middle Asian and Middle Eastern countries.  This technology is used for sales of ZAwheel brand high technology new generation in-wheel hub electrical automobile motors together with axle transfer module, and for conversion of diesel automobiles into electrical cars, through use of renewable energy, zero emission and 70-80% source saving opportunities, not only in new buses, but also in existing buses. 

In 2020, we have entered into an authorization agreement for sales in industrial markets with Dunkermotoren GmbH, a manufacturer of electrical motors used in various different sectors.  These marketing activities are presently being carried out in the form of a business partnership between EXPOb2b Group and Dunkermotoren. Thus, very special electrical motors demanded in transportation, energy, healthcare and industrial sectors are being manufactured and sold on project basis in our target markets.

Initiatives for assessment of investment funds and export opportunities, and for development of market for products of automotive, energy, industry, food and beverage and various different sectors, in Canada, Europe, The Balkans, Turkey, Middle East and Middle Asian countries are ongoing at present.

Our fundamental priority is our commercial reputation protected and maintained since 25 years. Our measurable, transparent, sincere and selected activities constitute the base of our indispensable principles.

From the management

A member of Sayınlar Family from Gaziantep, holder of a Financial Advisor certificate, having started his job career in Cement, Concrete and Plaster sectors, and having professionally served as a General Manager in various different German, French and British – Turkish joint ventures for 16 years [Yibitaş Dyckerhoff, Yibitaş Lafarge, Rigips and Marmara Cement]. Involved in management of a total of 1.3 billion USD investment, partnership and trading management projects for 7 Cement Plants and 1 Plaster Factory and 9 Concrete Plants in Ankara, Sivas, Çorum, Yozgat, Nevşehir, Samsun and Istanbul provinces, and managed an annual turnover of 4 billion USD in average.

Success Becomes Happines with Partners

Ali Rıza SAYIN

- Chariman of the Board

Ali Riza SAYIN

Professional Jobs:

  • Financial Affairs, Investment and Finance Expert – Baştaş Cement – Elmadağ Ankara [1985-1988]
  • Financial Affairs Director – Yibitaş – Dyckerhoff – Ready-mixed Concrete Group –Ankara [1988-1990]
  • Vice General Manager – Yibitas – Lafarge Cement Group – Ankara [1990 – 1992]
  • Finance Director – Yibitas – Lafarge Middle Anatolia Cement Group – Ankara [1992-1995]
  • General Manager and Member of Board of Directors – Marmara Cement – Istanbul [1995 – 1997]
  • Investor Advisor of Mr. Hasan Subaşı, Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan City [ 1995-1999]

He is serving as CEO of Expob2b International Group since 1999.

‘İtibar, değişmeyen önceliğimizdir.’

Reputation is our steady and unchanging priority.


Through our representation offices in

17 countries, we have quick access to all

developments and demands of those markets.

Our Brands

Our brands adding value and directing developments and innovations

Technology Business Partners


Engaged in Electrical Motor Conversion, Development, Application and Service activities through EXPOb2b and Ziehl Abegg cooperation.


EXPOb2b and Dunker Motoren joint venture in Industrial Motor Technologies Field.


EXPOb2b Biopark Valley joint venture is engaged in production of coal and energy from forest products and woody wastes, and in project and marketing management fields.


EXPOb2b Repower Solar Development and increase of production capacity of photovoltaic (PV) panels out of renewal energy sources through exemplary modernization techniques with an experienced technical staff and an advanced technology reflecting a real quality approach and experience in solar energy sector.

Invest Finance Management

Project Development

Project Finance, Venture Capital, Privatization, Joint Venture, Fund Management, Acquisition & Merger

Investment Services

Industry, Energy, Logistics, Mix Projects, Shopping and Business Centres, Hotels, Retail, Agriculture and Food

Marketing Services

Investments, Projects, Energy, Retail, Technology, Agriculture and Food

Strategic Risk Management

Economy Policies, Global Trade, Investment Projects, Technology, Public Lobbying Activities, Strategic PR


Our Project Development Services

  • Aareal Bank
  • Sheraton Çeşme
  • Raddisonblu Pera
  • Anatolian Houses
  • Migros
  • Crowne Plaza Ank.
  • Creavit
  • Doxa Furniture

Our Investment Services

  • Migros Turkey
  • Sheraton Çeşme
  • Raddisonblu Pera
  • Crowne Plaza Ank.
  • Anatolian Houses
  • Creavit
  • Doxa Furniture
  • Eyes Of Capadocıa
  • Faras Construction

Our Marketing Services

  • Ziehl-Abegg Automotive
  • Meyer Burger
  • Migros Turkey
  • Tavuk Dünyası
  • Gagawa
  • Koçtaş
  • Eha Hoffmann
  • Faras Construction
  • Doxa Furniture

Strategic Risk Management

  • Doxa Furniture
  • Creavit
  • Uzer Gold
  • Faras Construction

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